Deceased Estates
Down Sizing - Relocation

Professional Roundup Services (PRS) is a company specialising in providing comprehensive services and assistance with the cleanup of Deceased Estates, Down Sizing and Relocations in the Southern Cape.



Benefits of hiring us

By hiring a professional to handle the deceased estate roundup, you will save yourself a lot of time and effort. All you have to do is hand over the key and everything will be handled for you.

Leave it to the professionals

Hiring deceased estate cleaning services ensures a professional quality is maintained. Tasks deceased estate roundup services offer include deep cleaning, pest extermination, and pressure washing...

Get the best value

By hiring deceased estate roundup services, you can rest assured that you are having specialists take care of the property, rather than having to look over quotes and liaise with multiple different contractors...


The logistics of deceased estate roundup can be tough. especially if you are dealing with an apartment unit or just a lot of clutter in the property. By outsourcing the cleaning, it makes it much easier to deal with the logistics of disposing or donating possessions.

House preparation

One of the best benefits of hiring a company to manage the deceased estate roundup is that they know how to prepare the property for sale or rental.


Albertus van Jaarsveldt

Pr.Elect.Eng.(Cert).MIC, MBA.

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Julie Retief


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Dr. Yvonne Jacobs

B.Sc.Pharm, MPA, Ph.D

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